5 special trips for your next getaway

5 special trips for your next getaway


Yes, we assume that Bolivia was not in your special travel pool. South America is made up of some of the most beautiful countries on the planet, and it’s obvious that when we decide to travel to this land the first thing that comes to mind is Argentina, Brazil or Peru. But just because these countries are fantastic doesn’t mean that neighboring countries like Bolivia aren’t great.

One of the highest countries in the world, with an iconic capital like La Paz, where we can admire some of the most important natural wonders of the planet, such as Lake Titicaca and the Salar de Uyuni, both the largest in the world in their categories.

A trip to this special country should also take you to the white city of Sucre, a spectacle of colonial architecture, the ruins of Tihuanaco, the elegance of Potosí and exciting natural spots such as Amboró National Park, El Madidi and Laguna Colorada.


We continue our list of special trips with Africa, a continent so undervalued that it simply hurts how little is known about some of its most beautiful corners. And one of them is undoubtedly the huge island of Madagascar, a natural paradise like few there is the world. You have to understand that Madagascar is a country to go on an adventure.

Although there are beautiful beaches where it would be very sweet to lie down in a barter in an all-inclusive hotel, it would be sacrilege not to enter the arid and steep Isalo National Park, the stone tips of the Tsingys National Park of Bemarahalos, the green of Masoala Park, the mangroves of Sarodrano or the picturesque Avenida de Los Baobabs.

As if that weren’t enough, you can also go to other amazing islands such as Nosy Be, Sainte Marie, or the coral reefs of Ifaty, where you can do one of the best dives in Africa. Remember that Madagascar also has a tropical climate that allows you to visit throughout the year.


The thought of Asia immediately comes to mind China, Japan or India, and they are certainly highly recommended countries. But the biggest continent in the world has a lot to offer and one of its star destinations in Taiwan. What was once the island of Formosa has the best of China, especially that stupendous and picturesque architecture in our eyes, and it is also home to some of the most beautiful landscapes in Asia, with landscapes as impressive as those we can see in Taroko National Park, the beautiful Sun Lake or Kenting National Park.

In fact, the latter is one of the island’s most popular beach destinations, so there are all sorts of options in Taiwan. Of course, you should also spend a few days in the capital, Taipei, with indispensable enclaves such as the Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall and the National Palace Museum.

And why not, you can venture to some of the small nearby islands like Green Island or Lanyu, authentic paradises famous for their hot springs and rugged coastlines. The second still coexists tribes of millenarian aborigines. If you wanted special trips, this is a proposal you should consider.


There are few countries truly unique in the world and one of them is Iceland, indispensable in any list of special trips. This European island, closer to Greenland than the rest of the continent, is a unique land and a wonder of nature itself, full of volcanoes, lakes, mountains, hot springs, and cities of infinite charm. The best way to get to know Iceland at your fingertips is to travel it in some vehicle and be able to stop at all the wonderful places it has to offer.

This route should not miss its capital Reikjavik or Alureyri, Geysir geysers, the waterfalls of Gullfoss, Dettifoss and Seljalandsfoss, the national parks of Skaftafell and Thinngvellir, and the frozen landscapes of Lake Jokulsarlon, which will leave you speechless.

If you are also able to make your stay coincide with the appearance of auroras boreales or take advantage of some of the fantastic hot springs scattered around the island, your experience here will be nothing short of unforgettable.

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