5 Tips to enjoy a fantastic beach vacation

5 Tips to enjoy a fantastic beach vacation

Summer is approaching and you are probably already preparing your holidays. If you are a great lover of sun and beach tourism, you may already have a clear destination for this year and you may even have already bought tickets and booked accommodation. But organizing a beach holiday is much more than that, especially if we want everything to be perfect and nothing to ruin those special moments. At SP Parking (Malaga airport) we want your stay to be unforgettable and, therefore, today we bring you some very important tips to avoid any kind of surprise and that diseases or burns do not cloud your happiness or that of yours.

1. Avoid sunburns

Don’t forget to put the sunscreen in your suitcase. But also remember that, no matter how much you want to spend the whole day at the beach, our body is not accustomed and it is not recommended to spend 8 hours sunbathing the first day, especially if you go with children. It is advisable to do it progressively to avoid getting burned. Think that the sun’s rays are reflected on the sand and the sea, so you should not be confident even if it seems that the sun is not giving very strong. Apply sunscreen every 2 hours, especially between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m., as ma´s is a dangerous time to expose yourself to the sun.

2. Be careful with animals

It is important to avoid contact with strange animals or insects. On the beach, there is always the risk of being bitten by a sea urchin or a jellyfish. If this happens, run to wash the affected area with salt water, remove the remains of the jellyfish or remove the spikes from the hedgehog. Impregnate the area with alcohol and rewash the wound with salt water and spread an analgesic ointment to soothe the pain. However, if there is a rescue post on the beach, it is preferable to go there.

3. Take care of your diet

During the summer months, extreme caution should be taken with the food we eat, as high temperatures can spoil them and affect our health. If you are staying in an apartment, put the food in the fridge as soon as you buy it and make sure that the fruits and vegetables are always clean to avoid attracting flies and other insects.

4. Put the right clothes in your suitcase

Before you leave on a trip, it is essential that you know the time you are going to spend at your destination. The best clothes for a beach vacation are bathing suits, shorts, light blouses with suspenders and sandals. However, if you’re going out for dinner at night, put on more tidy clothes and some warm clothing, as there are many cities where even in July and August it can cool down when the sun goes down.

5. Accessories

Many times we focus on what is important and forget that accessories are also key to enjoying a fantastic holiday. For example, sunglasses to protect our eyes from ultraviolet rays and have better vision, caps or hats to avoid burns and sunstroke or even, in extreme cases, skin cancer. Of course, don’t forget how important it is to hydrate while on the beach, so try to drink at least two liters of water a day.

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