Favorite Electric Scooters

Favorite Electric Scooters

Is there a better way to move around the city than your own car, bike or (which is quite controversial for many people) bus or public transport tram? Each of these means of transport has its advantages and a multitude of supporters. If you are one of them, it is necessary to read this text. You may soon be changing your favourites for modern, clean and electric city scooters. With the One Track Startup, you can use them in four Polish cities.

Bielsko-Biała, Łódź, Katowice and Warsaw – there you can already rent an electric scooter from the One Track network. Now, thanks to the cooperation of the young company with ING Bank Śląski, you can rent a characteristic orange bikes also in Warsaw.

It is enough that you are 18 years old and have an identity card (for people born before 18.01.1995, younger people need an AM driving licence – for a moped or another, “higher category”). You do not need your own helmet or any formalities. For starters it is enough to use the mobile application One Track or visit the website of the service and set up an account.

But how can you ask the electric scooter? How do I charge it, where do I find the stations where I can leave it? It’s simple. Scooters are available to anyone who registers with the OneSlad application and accepts the rules for renting scooters. To start your adventure with riding a scooter:

  • Install the OneSlad application on your phone (Android, iPhone);
  • Create and activate your account (ID required);
  • Familiarize yourself with the rules of vehicle use;
  • Select the optimal charging plan for your needs.
  • Scooters can be rented and returned anywhere within a special zone covering the central and most popular parts of the city. The exact coordinates can be seen on the map and in the application. You can also book your vehicle for 15 minutes so that nobody takes it before you.

The vehicles have charged batteries (the company’s technicians take care of it), two helmets (L and M sizes), special hygienic pads. Vehicles and their drivers, so also you, are insured. Their maximum speed is 45 km/h, and the real driving range is about 50 km from a full charge. This is how Łukasz Banach, the co-founder of the company, talks about the safety of using Jedlad.pl:

Each of the scooters is monitored 24/7 by our employees. So we know how it moves and what happens to it. We actively react to all events. We are assisted in this by the release of the entire system software that we have written from scratch and are actively developing.

Thanks to advanced analytics we are not only able to react, but also to predict and prevent accidents. Each vehicle, both with every battery pack replacement – almost every day – and periodically, in the service, undergoes a meticulous, multi-point control of quality and current status of components. On top of that, there is the current response to signals from our users.

Why are scooters electric at all? Łukasz Banach argues that there are many reasons:

On the one hand, it is an economic aspect (the current needed to travel 100 kilometres costs only 1 zloty). On the other hand, the simplicity of using such a scooter – it has no gears and no clutch. On the third side – much higher reliability, mainly due to the simplicity of engine construction. It is also a philosophy of how we want to create the world and reality around us – whether to contribute to the protection of the environment and ourselves or just passively look at ourselves. We chose the first one.

As it turns out, such vehicles work very well in urban conditions, adds Łukasz. Scooters can bypass traffic jams because they are easier to manoeuvre and take up less space on the road. Additionally, they can be parked on the sidewalk (there is no need to look for a parking space) and do not pay for parking meters. This means several hundred hours a year saved on standing in traffic jams and even several hundred zlotys in your pocket every month. According to research, the average car speed in traffic jams, rush hour, in Polish cities is….only 9 km/h.

Additionally, in many places we have the possibility to use scooters to drive on buspas or to enter places inaccessible for other vehicles (e.g. in Piotrkowska Street in Łódź only scooters – electric mopeds can move). What is also important – these are fully zero emission vehicles (no emissions of PM dust and harmful CO2 into the atmosphere). And riding electric scooters alone is an incredible fun!

The vision of moving around the city without any problems, such as Warsaw, certainly seems tempting. You can also see it in the statistics of rentals. The most exploited scooters have already travelled over 60 000 kilometers! Riding a rented motorcycle takes on average twenty minutes, during which each of the users travels about 5 kilometers. The numbers look really impressive, which makes the owners of the startup to develop and invest.

If these tips are useful then buying a long range electric scooter for sale is a satisfactory experience.

Francis B. Hayes

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