How I homeschool my child and how you can too

In maths, I use textbooks bought in bookshops and chosen according to 2 criteria: 1) I can have the corrected (book of the teacher paper edition”’ orderable” in bookshops or PDF downloadable on the publisher’s website) and 2) there is the course at the entrance of each chapter. I managed to keep up with this until the 8th grade, although I struggled with some geometry chapters. This is only possible with homeschooling San Diego. But I’m glad I’ve done my refresher so far! (lol!!!). For the 3rd and then, as there is the patent and then the Bac, I ask for external help. God has always provided marvellously: a year-round student free of charge (in which church is there not a maths or economics or physics student ready to help in exchange for a good meal??) or, for a modest sum, for 2 years, a retired former CNRS physicist who has a multitude of IEF children in private classes (she herself did the IEF for her own son at a time when controls did not even exist – the dream…). Thanks to her, my second daughter got a 17 in high school (ES specializing in math!). And if I told you how I found it… you would understand that God has provided in a perfect way for my notorious incompetence in math so that I can continue the IEF with my dear child!

In his/geo/civic education, I also use classic school books, always chosen according to the same criteria. These are not the most difficult subjects anyway, it is often enough to read the data to find the right answer – I even find it a little too simple sometimes….

In science, it’s a little different. This subject is not controlled in the academy on which I depend, we are not scientists for two cents, so I simply dropped from the 6th to the 4th included. Readings of adapted magazines, DVDs taken from the library and Maxicours (school support site, for a fee, but if you get the right promotion, it’s nice. For my part, last year I took out a 6-month subscription at less than 20 euros per month for all the children, each of them then having their own personal identifier to access their own level) seem to me sufficient to ensure the minimum general knowledge in this area. From the 3rd grade onwards, the school textbook is repeated, always according to the same criteria, and the girls have always done well, motivated by the perspective of the Patent and interested in this subject that they (re)discover. The chapter on evolution, I eliminate it or just make them read it and discuss it a little with her. I’m sorry, but teaching my children nonsense is not within my capabilities. For the time being, thank God, they have not been penalized by this choice. For the high school, none of them have so far enrolled in a Bac S so I haven’t had to manage my scientific incompetencies, but I know that God will fill them one way or another if the case arises. There are always solutions (other than the CNED, I would like to point out, it is automatically excluded because it is too expensive for our budget).

In language, I have 2 different practices. The LV1 imposed on everyone from kindergarten onwards is English. So there are some bases to arrive in 6th grade because I manage a minimum. 6th, 5th and 4th, these are the Chouette booklet

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