The pleasure of travelling by car

The pleasure of travelling by car

In a short time, it will be a year since I have my driver’s license. The truth is that I was never in a special hurry to get it, but since I have it I have discovered that trips have gained both in quality and quantity. Traveling by car gives you an extra freedom because you can decide where you want to stop to contemplate the landscape if you want to stop in a village to buy local handicrafts or gastronomy and above all, you decide the pace of your trip: departure times, route … traveling by car has a lot of advantages.

The first trip I made by car, driving myself, was from Madrid to Asturias. I rented a car and although I could choose between several models, I decided on a compact car, Ford Fiesta type. The renting company surprised me with a Peugeot 308 and I drove without fear the almost five hundred kilometers of highway. I decided not to risk and pay the two tolls to try to enjoy the landscape without worrying too much about the two mountain passes.

Once in Asturias, we toured many different places. We were in Oviedo, a city that is very pedestrianized, but that surprises with the fluidity of the traffic and the good manners of the drivers, who are always patient. We climbed Mount Naranco to see the pre-Romanesque monuments and the wonderful views of the city.

We also ventured to travel some villages where the roads were complicated a little more, but we enjoyed some unforgettable landscapes, such as the one that gave us the viewpoint of the Fito. While we ascended toward the curve after curve, I kept my eyes on the road but the rest of the passengers who went in our car were impressed with the beauty of that corner of Asturias.

Traveling by car is much more than a normal trip because you become the protagonist completely. And if you’re late, you don’t make a claim: going by car you’re thankful for having discovered that landscape that made you stop for a few minutes.

Francis B. Hayes

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